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We handle solar panel installation throughout the Carolinas

Traditional utility companies provide energy to homeowners through power stations, which burn fossil fuel to generate electricity. Unfortunately, this type of energy is neither clean nor sustainable.

Solar power systems, however, uses special panels to convert sunlight into electricity. This type of energy is clean and sustainable. It's also reliable, so even if you live off of the power grid, you can still get the energy you need.

SunWater LLC provides comprehensive solar panel installation services to homeowners throughout the Southeast, including clients who live in Waxhaw, Charlotte, and Salisbury, NC. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Go solar with SunWater

Considering cutting ties with the power company? When you hire SunWater to complete your solar panel installation project, you can:

  • Trust us to find a solar power system that meets your energy requirements.
  • Take advantage of a 30 % tax credit-call us at 704-989-1252 today for details.
  • Rely on us for hassle-free installation of an

    • off-grid solar system
    • grid-tie solar system
    • battery backup generator for emergency power
    • Solar Car Ports